Are you suffering from Uric Acid?

Are you suffering from Uric Acid?

If you are suffering from High Uric acid and gout. Here is a simple recipe that immediately control you uric acid build up.


1. Fenugreek (Mathi Seed).

2. Carom seed. (Ajwain).

3. Jaggery (gur)

4. Ghee Organic.

5. Whole wheat flour.


1. Soak Fenugreek seeds over night in a container.

2. Next day take the water out of the container and sauté the seed in Ghee until brown. Keep it aside in a bowl.

 3. Sauté Carom seeds separately in ghee until brown. Keep it aside in another bowl.

4. Sauté Whole wheat flour separately and keep that too in another bowl.

 5. In a pan add 2 cup of water and add Jaggery. Heat the Jaggery mix on a medium heat until Jaggery is dissolves and start to get starchy. 

6. Finally add Sautéd Fenugreek, Carom and Wheat flour to the Jaggery water and steer it until it gets thick. 

Keep the cooked mix to cool. Take it out in a steel container and consume it one teaspoon, once a day in the morning and evening.

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